Casa Rose Loves Frida Khalo! The Capsule Collection!

Dear Casa Rose Ladies,

We hope you have been keeping safe and well during these past weeks of lockdown.


We have been busy behind the scenes working with fabrics, design and illustration as we develop the Casa Rose Capsule Collection!

We are thrilled to reveal the inspiration behind our Capsule Collection – the flamboyant and fascinating Frida Khalo! Shown in the images above on our Casa Rose Fabrics, Frida Khalo is undoubtedly the most popular female Mexican Artist.

Known for her self portraits and works inspired by colour, nature, animals, flowers and artefacts of Mexico. A style and beauty icon, a strong, avant-garde woman determined to succeed. Frida was disabled by polio from a young age and suffered lifelong medical problems but despite these great hardships, she became an inspiration for many women including Artists and Stylists alike.

Frida’s face is a masterpiece in its own right. She designed her own hairstyles, adorning them with strands of wool, coloured ribbons and flowers. With statement red lips and one unibrow (highly accentuated in all of her paintings) and a confident look on her face, no one can remain indifferent to her ultra individual style.

With this, inspired by Frida and a Nod to Nature including Animals, Flowers, Fruits and Colour, Casa Rose is delighted to be launching a Bespoke Capsule Collection this Spring!

Over the next few weeks, we will be introducing the Artist, Makers, Shakers and Creators who have contributed to this wonderful project! And revealing more about the Capsule Collection and how you can shop these iconic Casa Rose pieces!

A big thank you to all Casa Rose family, friends, colleagues and customers for your ongoing support during this strange time!

We look forward to the positive times ahead!

Rose & Team xx