Important Changes at Casa Rose!

There’s a lot of exciting changes happening at Casa Rose!

Some questions you may have:

What is Casa Rose going to do next and when?

What does it mean to me as a Casa Rose customer?

Why are we doing it?

How is Casa Rose going to make the changes?

Where can you find Casa Rose next?

What is Casa Rose going to do next?

Casa Rose will be changing the way it will be carrying out business to focus more on meeting the changing shopping needs of our ladies and the manner in which they like to shop.

In response, we will be transforming our business model and leaving the shop at 78 High Street, Witney effective from the 31st of April 2019.

You will still have the opportunity to shop the Casa Rose Collection at our regular ‘Pop-Up Boutiques’ at various local venues and locations.  The Pop-Up Boutiques allow our ladies to continue their shopping experience in the normal Casa Rose manner. with our familiar, friendly, stylish, warm, relaxed and fun shopping environment.

We will also be focussing on offering more exciting innovative fashion, delivering novel event-driven experiences and collaborations with like-minded businesses to both excite, challenge and meet the fashion needs of our ladies.

What does it mean to me as a Casa Rose customer?

Open Days to shop the Casa Rose collections and by appointment, if you prefer, so that Casa Rose will be able to devote more time to the ladies who would like a more personalised styling service without distraction.  We will be able to focus more on the individual needs of customers and guide them to explore and discover different, complimentary styles and looks and capitalise on their individuality. 

Open Days will be held monthly in accessible locations in Witney.  The open days will take into consideration differing opening hours to suit all customers needs, running from mid-morning until late evening.  Casa Rose will be promoting the Open Day schedules well in advance to allow our customers ample time to plan their shopping visit.

Why are we doing it?

The transformation of the business will enable Casa Rose to focus more on discovering new fashion, new styles, colours and fabrics, sourced from across Europe and beyond.

It will provide flexibility and agility for us to move more easily with the changes within the fashion industry as they arrive and bring them more quickly and readily to our customers. For example, inspiration taken from attending key fashion shows such as London, Paris and Milan.

The changes will also permit Casa Rose to concentrate more on creating a new, innovative high-quality personalised shopping experiences; focus our time and resources on even more individual styling; expand and develop new exciting collaborations and events.

How is Casa Rose going to make the changes?

By moving from a fixed location to a more flexible way of presenting our fashion and new collections, Casa Rose will be offering more exciting ways to shop without losing our focus on providing our familiar, signature, stylish and fun shopping experience.

This will be through a combination of a regular ‘Pop-Up Boutiques’; through Fashion Events, such as our highly successful Fashion Shows and Styling Events; and through collaborations with like-minded, complementary partners.

To support this exciting new direction, we have carried out a major re-branding exercise.

This is not just a new logo and images on a website.

We are committed and focused on what the Casa Rose brand stands for without compromise. That is to deliver an honest, personal, fun and friendly shopping experience to all our customers, with passion and care about what we do and how we do it. Our fashion will continue to be of high quality; be distinctive; be individual; be affordable and be accessible.

We have indeed launched a new website that will showcase all our fashion, events, services and projects and inform our customers of what we are doing, where and when.

Apart from a host of other exciting information, it will also enable our ladies to book Rose’s time for personal styling and consultations.

We are also increasing our presence on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and will continue to send our ladies all the information they require by email regarding new fashion buys, new collections, launches, events, flash sales and projects in which we will be involved.

Where can you find Casa Rose next?

We have already scheduled some initial Pop-Up Boutiques in Woodstock and Witney for May and June.

There are also other exciting events being planned throughout the year for you to attend from fashion shows, collection launches and collaborative events at locations in Witney and around Oxfordshire.

Details of all will appear on the website and sent to our customers by email and advertised on our social media platforms in good time for you to make arrangements to visit us.

To stay updated about these exciting and stylish Events, email us, click to sign up to our mailing list or follow us on social media  Facebook  –  Instagram –  Twitter